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Richard's® Rust Shield Industrial Polyurthane Satin Black Enamel (1025)


Richard’s Rust Shield Industrial Polyurethane Satin Black Enamel is a premium quality rust preventative coating, specially formulated for professional use. It provides excellent durability and performance in industrial, architectural and commercial applications. It provides superior coverage, good flow and leveling properties, resistance to moisture and chemical cleanings, and is easy to apply. Its soft satin finish is not only durable, but also resists abrasion, blistering, chipping and peeling. It offers excellent adhesion, and is suitable for application to a variety of interior and exterior properly prepared metal surfaces. Great for both interior & exterior use.

Polyurethane FormulaExcellent DurabilitySuperior CoverageGood Leveling PropertiesMoisture ResistantAbrasion ResistantEasy To Apply
Excellent Product Versatility